At Electra Hotels, we are inspired by the timeless values of the world-renowned Greek hospitality given with a contemporary twist. Grounded on these, we create warm and welcoming environments brimming with luxurious details that make a difference. The result is an evolved understanding of premiumness, a cut above anything else. 



Our philosophy

We create warm and welcoming environments

Every hotel in the Electra Hotels & Resorts lives by the same principles, yet it is characterized by a magnetic individuality. Drawing heavily from the vibes of the spot where it is located, each of our hotels has a distinctive character that clearly sets it apart. Their character is complemented by idiosyncratic food & beverage propositions, exclusive to each hotel.

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Electra Palace Thessaloniki

It all starts from a strategic location, always at selected spots full of character and at the very heart of things. This is why each Electra hotel, apart from being the perfect spot for travelers who seek characterful high-end experiences, is also the ideal base for exploring the city where it is located.

No matter which hotel you choose, you can get immersed in experiences that are as unique as they are rewarding. We welcome you to your own base.

Electra Palace Athens
Electra Metropolis Athens
Electra Kefalonia


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Tailor your stay to match your preferences. Select the hotel that meets your requirements & inspires you most!

Electra Metropolis Athens
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Electra Palace Athens
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Electra Hotel Athens
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Electra Palace Thessaloniki
Electra Palace Rhodes
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Electra Kefalonia Hotel and Spa

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