Dear guests, colleagues and friends of Electra,

Since the founding of the first Electra Hotel in 1965, our history, philosophy, daily practice, has been based on three core values: Providing hospitality, ensuring health and protecting the safety of our guests. With these values, ​​we have welcomed and hosted over 7 million visitors in our hotels over the years. 

Today, the entire planet is experiencing an unprecedented pandemic, that began a few months ago and is rapidly evolving. This expansion of COVID-19, leads us to obey and adapt to the instructions and decisions of the Greek government, always with the aim of defending public health and the entire population. Defending the health of our visitors, employees and partners. Let us also, with all our strength, support the titanic effort that is being made, to end the pandemic cycle as soon as possible and to return to safe conditions for all.

Until then, we will be in our places, ready for the big reboot. Welcome you again, healthy and happy, at our Electra Hotels & Resorts. Wish you "welcome" to our hospitable country, Greece, the country that knows how to constantly win battles in adverse conditions. In a country that offers light, warmth and unique experiences to its visitors.

Until that moment we all dream about, you, your families and friends, be safe, protected and optimistic, that this great, fierce full adventure, will soon be over. 

Our thoughts are always with all patients and their families and we are wishing them a safe recovery. Our heart belongs to all the people who, with self-sacrifice and vigor, work day and night for this great adventure to end soon. 

Strength, courage and optimism are our duty. The bright days will soon be back. 

Until we meet again! 

Yiannis Retsos 


Electra Hotels & Resorts


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