All for all and a better world for everyone

Sustainable growth for society means to continuously contribute, show solidarity and growth actions aiming to improve living conditions. With discretion, consistency in words and actions, Electra Hotels & Resorts, encourage every organization or charity that seeks to ease human difficulties and support those who envision a flexible society with prepared support structures.

Vision and goal coincide for Electra Hotels & Resorts: every contribution, even the tiniest, can help vulnerable minorities – a great majority within the community –maintain their dignity and livelihood. In this direction, Electra Hotels & Resorts regularly provide food, financial support and infrastructure to numerous organizations, host NGO press conferences, and organize charity events - with the voluntary contribution of Electra Hotels & Resorts’ staff and management.

Electra Hotels & Resorts actively support the Greek Church’s charitable work by offering regular financial aid, equipment and food to Metropolitan Cathedrals and Institutions across the country as well as by promoting voluntary actions which support ecclesiastical work.

Specifically, Electra Hotels & Resorts weekly distribute clothing and food to the institutions “Boroume” and " Kalos Poimin", mattresses, clothes, food, and essentials to SOS Children's Villages, as well as supplies and dinners to "Eliza", "Aelia", "Alma Zois", "Lampse", "A21", "Arsis", and offer financial support to the "Hellenic Red Cross" and to "Doctors of the World". Finally, Electra Hotels & Resorts regularly offer donations to “Melissa Orphanage” and "Sikiarideio Foundation for Deficient Children".

Furthermore, and recognizing the difficulties that Greece’s rural population faces, Electra Hotels & Resorts support local communities, provide free overnight stays to women from remote islands during their labor and delivery (“Hope Genesis” NGO), aid the NGO “STIRIXI” which helps families in need, offer free accommodation to schools visiting from remote areas (participating in innovation competitions) and support cultural and sports clubs in distant parts of Greece.