Numbers grow when people thrive 

Employees are the soul of our hotels, the embodiment of values; they are the true expression of traditional Greek hospitality. Our people set the foundation stone for an unforgettable guest experience at Electra Hotels & Resorts.

All employees are more than “personnel” or “human resources” – they are a family. The large family of Electra Hotels & Resorts, which promotes noble behavior, offers support during difficult times, cultivates a spirit of fairness, inspires (and is inspired by) its members.

Electra Hotels & Resorts invest in people creating a workplace with many career prospects and a real sense of security: private insurance for all employees (in addition to mandatory public insurance).

Meetings and discussions with staff of all tiers are regular and essential. As a basic principle of Electra Hotels & Resorts is to safeguard employees' rights under international labor standards, to tackle all kinds of harassment within the organization and to achieve a balance between professional and family life (five-day week, family recruitment).

Staffing procedures are done transparently via the website while employees are informed regarding the positions to be filled. Under the Equal Opportunities Policy, Electra Hotels & Resorts employ individuals belonging to vulnerable social groups and people with disabilities, while the career growth of all employees continues through training programs aiming to further develop skills in response to new technologies.

Health and safety in the workplace is a major concern of Electra Hotels & Resorts. The staff continuously undergoes health and safety training, first aid and lifeguard seminars, while there is an Occupational Doctor and Safety Technician at Electra Hotels & Resorts.

As part of the ongoing employee reward plan, an annual bonus for outstanding performance, supermarket gift vouchers (at Christmas, Easter or any other time during the year), as well as a turkey offering at Christmas, have been established. During the annual New Year’s pie-cutting celebration of Electra Hotels & Resorts,all employees participate and the mutual relationship of appreciation and trust is renewed.

Electra Hotels & Resorts promotes team spirit and encourages volunteering, with the growth of volunteer initiatives among employees such as regular blood donation and the Electra Running Team’s participation in charity marathons.