We strive to reduce energy waste

Sustainable growth means respect for man and the natural environment in which he exists and acts, as an integral part, not as a sovereign part of it. Electra Hotels & Resorts promote and encourage the uninterrupted process of mankind’s "reintegration" with nature, with the controlled environmental footprint as a fundamental condition for human progress and growth.

Energy "improvement" through "cleaner" production processes and responsible consumption is Electra Hotels & Resorts' prime policy, aiming towards minimizing environmental impacts and increasing visitors’ awareness. At Electra Hotels & Resorts, energy-saving actions, extensive recycling and eco-design principles are implemented, while good practices are rewarded. (Distinctions)

During the daily operation of Electra Hotels & Resorts energy waste is constantly reduced with automatic on / off electrical systems (key-card / air conditioning) and LED bulbs in 90% of public areas and rooms, use of environmentally friendly detergents in washing machines and kitchens, plus with the use of natural gas for water heating, ironing, and cooking. Additional energy conservation, at Electra Hotels & Resorts, is achieved thanks to energy-efficient window glazing; thermal insulation and sun proof films while the photocells in the changing rooms and staff toilets results in further energy consumption reduction.

Electra Hotels & Resorts use filtered water in order to reduce plastic and glass bottle waste, maintain recycling bins for paper, glass and aluminium all over the hotel's public areas, while also consistently recycle cooking oils, batteries and light bulbs. The quality control of the swimming pools’ water at Electra Hotels & Resorts is performed meticulously on a daily basis. In addition, a Voluntary Beach Cleanup Team has been formed and beach water quality is tested on a monthly basis.