undefinedOur Electra family stays at home and hits the creativity button. 

We feel the same anxiety for these uncertain times with you and we invite you to stay focused on your health, your wellbeing and your loved ones.

Let's stay together through fitness tips, cooking recipes, cleaning tips, environmental friendly tips and more, until we meet again. 

Recipes from our chefs

Tsoureki (Sweet Bread) recipe 

Pork Kontosouvli in the Oven

Lemon Cake

Herbs Gruyere Mini Pies

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 

Zucchini Pie

Melekounia from Rhodes

Anchovies & Salad on Toast

Cocktails, Smoothies and more from our barmen

Energy Boost Smoothie

Pink Crown Cocktail 


Apple Daiquiri

Fitness & Wellness Tips

5 min Yoga for beginners 

Homemade Face Mask with Yogurt

Miss our views?

Acropolis View from Electra Metropolis Athens

Syntagma Square View from Electra Hotel Athens

Aegean Sea View from Electra Palace Rhodes

Eco Friendly Tips 

5 simple advices for sustainability while staying and working from home🏡

Grab your chance to be sustainable!

○ Unplug any device that is not working

○ Utilize natural lighting

○ Wise use of internet (large attachment emails are producing 50 gr of CO2!!) 😲

○ Reduce food waste, thus reducing energy consumption in cooking

○ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and sustainable way of thinking