Health & Safety Measures

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Following the Health Protocols and having the Highest Safety and Hygiene Certifications (POSI SHIELD of AG ADVENT and SGS Greece) we inform in detail about the following practices:

Cleaning – Disinfection

• Deep cleaning of all areas.

• Intensification of cleaning and disinfection frequency, adding points that are touched frequently, restaurant and bar areas are included.

• Intensification of cleaning and disinfection in ventilation and air conditioning filters.

• Natural and intensive ventilation in all areas.

• More regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets (and its equipment) of guests and staff, with appropriate chemicals

•Use of wipes or spray with disinfectant and microfiber cloths with color separation, which are washed properly and regularly. For fabric items (seats) steam cleaning after use.

•For disinfection of fabrics, furniture and mattresses after the check out and before the next check in, a steam device is used.

• Cleaning plan and project for cleaning tools (vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, etc.): cleaning and disinfection with use of 60° C minimum.

• It is recommended that only one housekeeper enters the room. If additional staff (technician or staff for specialized deep cleaning) is required, the housekeeper enters last to leave the room disinfected. Disinfection is confirmed with a relevant door hanger outside the room.

• Washing of customers’ clothes is offered as a service upon request. Relevant form and bag are provided from the reception.

•Verification of cleaning process. 

 Personal Hygiene and Health

• Training of all staff in preventive measures, personal hygiene, and the new way of working.  Certificate of participation in the training to all employees.

• Checking the validity of health certificates of all staff.

• Use gloves & masks of different colors. Frequent change in an obvious way to our guests.

• Permanent cooperation with a Private Healthcare System for the provision of health services.

• Dispenser with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in key places for guests.

• Dispensers with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in the workplace of all staff.

• Training the staff for recognition and management of Covid-19 case based on Health Protocols.

• Contactless check-in & check-out is provided and recommended.

•Contactless payment and sending invoices are recommended.

•Encouraging guests to communicate with the front desk staff for any assistance.

 Keeping Distances

• Floor marking for keeping distances in both common areas and workplaces.

• Marking distances in restaurants, bars and swimming pools.

Food Safety

• Placing sneeze guards in restaurants. All food will be protected according to Health Protocols.

• Cleaning and disinfection of all kitchen, restaurant and bar equipment.

• Control of stored foods.

• HACCP Certification.

In case of Covid-19 incident

•The infected guest is separated from other people by at least 2 m.

•Additional training to staff on preparation, handling, use and storage of special products.

• All used items are treated appropriately to mitigate the risk of transmitting the disease. Consumables (hand towels, gloves, masks, tissues) are placed in a container with a lid and discarded according to the hotel’s action plan and national waste management regulations.

• Any surfaces contaminated with respiratory secretions or other body fluids, e.g. toilet, handwashing detergents and baths are cleaned with a disinfectant solution containing 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (ie, equivalent to 1000 ppm).

Continuous information and compliance with Health Protocols

  • Electra Hotels & Resorts Group is closely monitoring and complying with the new directives of the authorities as well as the Health Protocols. The continuous monitoring of scientific and legislative data, as well as their integration in the Health & Safety Protocols is ensured with the participation of the Group in the POSI SHIELD program.

FAQ about Electra Hotels & Resorts Health & Safety Measures


Will there be contact with the reception during check-in or will there be a digital pre check-in?

A digital pre check-in will be available by downloading our Mobile App leading to a touchless check-in experience! Fast track check-in is also available.

Is check-in and check-out conducted at the same time?

Standard check-in is now at 15.00 and check-out at 11.00.


If there are lifts, are you keeping the lift keys sanitised & how many guests are allowed per lift?

Outside every lift, Disinfection Dispensers will be installed for the use of guests.

Rooms / Housekeeping

How many times will I receive housekeeping services and linen changing?

Housekeeping services and daily change of linen is available as a standard procedure.

Will mini bar service be available in my room?

The Mini bar service is available in the room.

How are you deep-cleaning regularly multi-use items such as key cards and safes, abs, TV remotes and light switches?

All multi-use info material will be discontinued and will be available digitally on the rooms TV and the Hotels Mobile App. Key cards and keys will be disinfected and given to the guest in a sealed envelope and will not be given back to the reception until check out. TV & AC controls will be covered and sanitized and before each check in.

Guests’ health

Are you giving every guest a temperature check to make sure no one staying there is sick?

No we will follow the Action Plan enforced by the legislation of the Hellenic Ministry of Health that recommends a dedicated doctor that will drive the procedure of any guests develops symptoms of COVID- 19.

What is the standard procedure of the hotel if a guest is suspended with COVID- 19?

We will follow the Action Plan as per the legislation of the Hellenic Ministry of Health. Electra Hotels & Resorts Group is permanently cooperating with a Secondary Healthcare Provider. In case a guest is suspended with COVID-19, a specified doctor will attend and proceed with a molecular test, even in the hotel if needed.

Food & Beverage

Will breakfast buffet be operating as normal?

Yes it will. Restaurant Team Members will assist you serve yourselves from the buffet depending on the occupancy.  You may be informed through Digital Signage for breakfast. Staff will clean and disinfect all buffet surfaces according to our reinforced cleaning and sanitation plan.

Will restaurants and bars be operating as normal?

Yes our guests will need to make a reservation through our Mobile App or the Reception. Have in mind that all crockery and glassware will be washed and disinfected in high temperatures and finally, all trays and other service equipment will be disinfected after each use. Our Restaurant Team Members will serve you using appropriate mask.

Social Distancing & Staff

How are you safely managing social distancing?

Discrete Floor Sticker is installed in front of reception desks for social distancing purposes. Tables and chairs in all F&B outlets are spread out according to Hellenic legislation. An online reservation system for restaurants is provided via the Hotels Mobile App. At the pools there will be a distance of between umbrellas around the pool and sunbeds will have a distance of 2 meters from each other. Several areas will have specially designed signs to remind our guests to keep their distances. Information will be available for you.

What are the basic hygiene standards that the staff will follow?

Every Hotels staff Team Member, despite its will strictly comply with the basic protective measures against COVID-19 announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Hellenic Ministry of Health. All Team Members have received training for their health monitoring and the hotel is following staff’s medical screening procedure. Every Team Member will wear masks of different colour throughout their entire shift.

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