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Couple’s time: Most romantic restaurants in Athens, Greece


If you are planning to stay in the Greek capital as a couple, chances are you will be seeking to dine at the most romantic restaurants in Athens, Greece. At Electra Hotels, we pride ourselves in offering our guests the famed Greek hospitality which, by definition, should include delectable gastronomy. Going one step further, the rooftop dining venues within our Athens city hotels are graced with some of the most spectacular urbanscape backdrops and impressive views onto the emblematic Acropolis. Coupling such surrounding beauty with tantalising flavours, couples can have the dinner experience of their lives at any one of Electra’s most romantic restaurants in Athens, Greece. 

Top picks: Our most romantic restaurants in Athens, Greece

The stunning Athenian rooftop restaurants of Electra Hotels generously spoil gourmands with exquisite culinary experiences characterised as symphonies of flavour. 
At the Metropolis Roof Garden, you can expect creative Mediterranean cuisine packed with irresistible and original flavours. Situated on the 10th floor of our 5* Electra Metropolis Athens, one street over Ermou street, it boasts magnificent views onto the Acropolis and the city life below, come day or night. Designed to offer the ultimate dining experience, the atmosphere here is simply unbeatable. In a setting made to seduce your senses, a romantic dinner here literally reaches new heights, especially around the most magical hour of the day: at sunset. Let us indulge you and your partner to the brim with a meal you won’t soon forget at one of the most romantic restaurants in Athens, Greece. 

If you and your loved one prefer a more laid-back dining experience, then perhaps our XFloor Restaurant is more your style. It serves a range of sophisticated-casual dishes that explore the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with a twist of comfort. Perched on the 10th floor of our most centrally located Electra Hotel Athens, it enchants gourmands throughout the day. Here you will easily find the perfect spot to unwind and tuck yourselves away for a great lunch break whilst enjoying the best of the Athenian skyline. The Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill become your backdrop, while we highly recommend you sample our wine list that has been curated by the finest Sommeliers, carrying  83 labels of the most distinguished wines from Greece and around the world.

And for couples who are somewhat in between, our sensational Electra Rooftop Garden delivers on all counts. Here gourmands are treated to award-winning, Mediterranean fusion dishes paired with wondrous Acropolis views. The elegance of the surroundings will sweep you off your feet while the creative flavours are bound to thrill you. Housed on the top floor of Electra Palace Athens, a historical building imbued with aristocratic flair in the colourful district of Plaka, the ambiance here is one that carries a different feel altogether. It is most suited to couples who want to experience something out of the ordinary, and those who appreciate the finer things in life.   

Having trouble choosing? We totally understand. Since each one has its own unique kind of charm, we recommend you try all three and find your favourite among our most romantic restaurants in Athens, Greece. You see, rooftop dining in Athens and romance go immensely well together and here is why. 

Athens city is a place that invites its visitors to take to the outdoors. Enjoying the very best of the Mediterranean climate, moments spent outdoors will become a favourite pastime, like it is for so many Athenians. Athens also enjoys another significant advantage; it has a fairly small city centre which is easily walkable. Couples can easily saunter around at will, soaking up the ambiance of a timeless city that seamlessly blends ancient glory with contemporary grandeur. Therefore, staying in the beating heart of Athens, allows you and your other half to explore and wander, taking the most scenic routes that reveal one landmark after another. This also goes for dining outdoors, even more so for dining on the rooftops like ours, where the food is exceptional and the views are breathtaking. 

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