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CSR Report Issue no 1 - October 2023

CSR Report Issue no 0 - December 2021

Sustainability Approach in Our Restaurants

At Electra Hotels & Resorts we do not just provide exceptional dining experiences. We are dedicated to preserving our planet and nurturing our communities. We take immense pride in our commitment to sustainability, decarbonizing practices, and the unique flavours of our dishes, full of Greek flair. Here is how we are making a difference: Plant-powered innovation: We're excited to introduce a selection of delectable vegan dishes to our menu, which cater to diverse palates, but also reduce our carbon footprint. By choosing plant-based options, you're joining us on our journey towards a more sustainable future. Local love: We believe in supporting local producers. We partner with local farms and artisans, who share our passion for quality and sustainability. This ensures the freshness of our ingredients, while promoting a vibrant and resilient local community. Zero-waste philosophy: At Electra Hotels & Resorts, sustainability is a way of life. We're actively working to reduce our carbon emissions, by implementing energyefficient practices, reducing food waste through thoughtful sourcing, and recycling programs and embracing sustainable packaging. Every meal you enjoy here, leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Community engagement: We're dedicated to creating meaningful connections with our guests and neighbours, supporting local charities and sustainability initiatives. Your dining experience here helps us give back to the community we love.

Cage Free Eggs

At Electra Hotels & Resorts, we are dedicated to the principles of sustainable development and devoted to enhancing life's quality for all, including animals. By 2024, we're proudly committing to using only cage-free shell eggs and egg products, across our properties and on all food preparations. This decision reflects our deep respect for animal welfare, promoting a more ethical approach to ingredients sourcing. Join us on this culinary journey, where excellence meets responsibility for a healthier, more humane tomorrow.


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