How to Spend the Perfect Valentine’s Day in Thessaloniki

Couple on a balcony spending the perfect Valentine's day in Thessaloniki at Electra Hotels

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love all over again in Thessaloniki and make memories that will last you a lifetime at the Electra Palace Thessaloniki. Picture yourself in a 5-star luxury dream hotel, situated in the heart of Greece’s most vibrant city, celebrating an extraordinary and unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Thessaloniki.

With its noble and stunning architecture, the Electra Palace Thessaloniki is a landmark and majestic getaway boasting breathtaking views of Mount Olympus across the gulf. Located in the lively center of Thessaloniki, the Electra Palace Thessaloniki, with its legendary status, is coveted by celebrities and A-listers and is a benchmark for the city’s social, cultural and business life.

The interiors of Electra Palace Thessaloniki are luxurious, with ornate furnishings and artworks by some of the world’s most gifted designers and artists. Extreme comfort, quality, and elegance with attention to the finest details and impeccable service guarantee an experience fit for royalty. 

At Electra Palace Thessaloniki, the city is at your beck and call. Everything that matters is within walking distance, from the shopping district, noteworthy monuments and museums, to the trendy Ladadika district, lined with quaint taverns, local restaurants, stylish bars and live music venues. 

This Valentine’s day, get away from it all and come experience the magic of love in the romantic and picturesque Thessaloniki. With its timeless beauty and rich history, Thessaloniki is the ideal destination for couples – here are some ‘coupley’ things to do for the perfect Valentine’s Day in Thessaloniki:

  • Visit the most romantic and strikingly beautiful mansion in Thessaloniki, Casa Bianca, renowned for a story of forbidden love between the Jewish owner’s daughter, Alina, and the Greek Lieutenant, Spyros Alibertis. 
  • Head to nearby Tsimiiski and Mitropoleos Street for quality shopping. Stop at one of the picturesque terraces for intimate cocktails.
  • Take a lover’s stroll down Thessaloniki’s splendid seaside promenade, also a lively nightlife spot for a romantic evening on the seashore. 
  • Have a romantic dinner and dance through the night in Thessaloniki’s Ladadika district.
  • Spend a day barefoot on the beach even if it is February! All beaches in Thessaloniki are easy to access from the city center.

Now, for the greatest highlight of your romantic getaway, plan a romantic dinner at the hotel’s superb Orizontes Garden rooftop restaurant and take in the phenomenal views of the north Aegean Sea. Sit back, relax and let us make your Valentine’s Day in Thessaloniki an astonishing and heart-stirring experience. 

Let that feeling of romance linger a little longer at Electra Palace Thessaloniki’s impressive external swimming pool with its own private deck that awaits you with captivating views, heart-melting sunsets, exceptional cocktails and mouth-watering snacks. 

Discover a new height of relaxation and tranquility at the hotel’s superb spa with a soothing massage, signature facial and body treatments, manicure, and pedicure, or simply unwind in our opulent jacuzzi and steam room. 

Thessaloniki is exciting and vibrant day and night, but it truly comes alive at night. Thessaloniki knows how to entertain, so it is no surprise it was listed among the top 10 cities worldwide, for the best nightlife. Choices are endless, with casinos, dance clubs, and Greek Taverns to the myriad of exceptional bars boasting award-winning bartenders. A night out in Thessaloniki promises to be a fun-filled and exhilarating adventure.

Treat yourself to the best and celebrate life’s finest pleasures, while we cater to your every whim during your Valentine’s Day in Thessaloniki.  

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