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While in Kefalonia, take the opportunity to explore another of Greece's unique destinations. Feel free to reach to us for suggestions!

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Melissani Cave & Lake

Surrounded by dense forest, lies another miracle of nature, a magnificent cave with a small lake at its centre. Beautiful waters with continues changes in the shades of blue in the waters, contrasting with the light brown walls and the countless stalactites that can take everyone’s breath away.
In 1962 excavations was performed throughout the area of the cave, leading to the discovery of many ancient oil lamps, plates and figures with many of the depicturing the god Pan and several nymphs from Greek legend. Legend has it that the cave received its name from one of those Nymphs, Melissanthi (or Melissani) after she drowned herself in the same lake after being rejected by the god Pan.



Myrtos Beach

The famous and multi-awarded Myrtos Beach stands as one of the best and most iconic beaches throughout Greece and even ranks among some of the best throughout the world. The beautiful turquoise blue waters are complemented perfectly the white sands and pebbles. The beach is surrounded by tall, cliffs, which will dazzle everyone with the view of the endless horizon. Myrtos Beach if found between the base of two mountains and it can be accessed through a winding road, Myrtos will offer everyone an enchanting view from the first sight to the last.



A former fishing village that has maintained its essence even though it had makes into a high-status cosmopolitan resort. The area of Fiscardo was left virtually unscathed by the 1953 earthquake, thus helping it preserve the original colours and traditional design of the area. The area around the traditional port is filled with restaurants and taverns capable of satisfying everyone’s palate.



The tiny and secluded village of Assos is one of the most beautiful and scenic villages of the island. A winding road can provide access to the village which is surrounded by beautiful green scenery and verdant forests, the contrast between the forest scenery and the crystal-clear blue waters creates a unique contrast that makes Assos the ideal setting for relaxation.
In the late 15th century, a castle was built, in order to protect the locals from pirate raids. The stronghold proved to be of great strategic importance, helping to raise the status of the village into that of the capital city of the northern part of the island. These Days, there are only remnants of the castle walls still standing of Assos Castle, as well as the church of San Marco.


Drogarati Cave

A marvel of earth’s architecture which was discovered 300 years ago, after an earthquake unearthed its entrance. Visitors of this beautiful cave can go down 60 meters below the ground level in an area with temperatures that can reach 18o C and humidity can rise to 90%. What makes this cave so well-known is the extraordinary formations of both stalactites and stalagmites. With scientist saying that the cave begone to form about 150 million years old and constitutes a rare geological phenomenon.

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