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Only 10 kilometers from the city of Rhodes, Ialyssos is the second largest city of the island. Situated at the northwestern part of Rhodes, along the long stretch of the Trianta beach, it is right next to the ruins of the ancient Ialyssos city and features many byzantine churches worth a visit. Vibrant and modern, it is an international tourist destination, popular with visitors from all over the world, with a large number of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars to visit. For those who love nature, walking up the hill of Filerimos is a must; there, a beautiful scenery and breathtaking views await the hikers.

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Old City of Rhodes

A short ride away, the enchanting city of Rhodes is an architectural wonder: its medieval part, built by the Knights Hospitaller, is an UNESCO world heritage monument. Next to it, Art Deco and futuristic buildings testify to Rhodes’ Italian occupation. Outside the medieval city walls, up on the St. Stefanos hill, the archaeological park includes the ancient acropolis of Rhodes, with magnificent views over the old and new city and the nearby islands.

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At the northwest coast of the island, around 25km from the hotel, you can find the ruins of the ancient city of Kamiros, one of the three large Doric cities of Rhodes, established around the 5th century B.C.




At the southeastern part of the island, the small town of Lindos is another popular site with visitors, and for a good reason too: its Acropolis, a natural citadel continuously inhabited since antiquity, features impressive ancient and medieval monuments – and commanding views of the sea to the east, while the town itself, declared listed, is beautiful and welcoming, with its houses and streets decorated with small pebble mosaics.

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