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Rich in history, culture and beauty, Thessaloniki is one of those destinations that once you visit, you will keep returning to. Fascinating museums, endless monuments from all historical periods, an intricate culinary scene, a vibrant nightlife and an amazing promenade along the sea all make this city easy to fall in love with. And the Electra Palace Thessaloniki is in the center of them all!


To the northwest of the hotel, a few blocks away, the famous Ladadika neighborhood, in all their 19th century restored glory, is brimming with taverns, restaurants, bars and live music venues.

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The Jewish museum is there too – Thessaloniki had a large Jewish community from the 15th century onwards, up until the Second World War. To the northwest lies the main shopping district of the city center. Designer shops and main street brands can be found here, along with posh department stores and unique boutiques. Following the sea front promenade, conveniently passing just below Aristotelous Square, towards the southeast, you can easily get to the Lefkos Pirgos, the White Tower, Thessaloniki’s hallmark: part of the city’s fortification in byzantine and ottoman times, it is now a museum and a vantage point from which to enjoy the views.

Around Aristotelous Square a series of monuments testify to the city’s continuous history since its founding in 315 BC: the Kamara (Arch) of Galerius, built during roman times, the Rotunda, a 4th century building converted to a church, the Agia Sofia, an 8th century byzantine church and dozens of neo-classical, art nouveau and art deco public and private buildings – among which the famous Modiano market, the city’s original produce market – are all just a couple of blocks from Electra Palace. Further away, there is more to see and do: the Archeological and the Byzantine Museums, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the Walls of the Ano Polis, the Museum of Contemporary Art… it seems that the old adage “so much to do, so little time” was coined for Thessaloniki – this is why everybody keeps coming back!

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