Kaba Mohamed

My name is Mohamed Kaba. 

I was born 24 years ago in Guinea, a country in west Africa. I arrived in Greece in January 2016 after a difficult and dangerous trip. I am beneficiary of international protection, that is, I am a refugee. I live and work in Athens.

In October 2019 I started working at “Electra Metropolis Hotel” -one of the best hotels in Athens – which belongs to the “Electra Hotels & Resorts” Group.

I like Greece and Greek people. During the years I have lived in this country, I have met many wonderful people who have helped and supported me in my new beginning in a country unknown to me.

My dreams and goals for the future combine the art and technique of cooking with football. These are very demanding goals. It takes patience, perseverance and dedication.

I’ll make it!

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