Get pampered, the Electra way!

Get pampered at Electra hotels

At Electra Hotels, we feel delighted when you, our distinguished guests, feel pampered, taken care of and even spoiled. Whether you are with us for leisure or on business, we recognize that your time here is both sacred and priceless. Therefore, we like giving you indulgent experiences that will linger in your minds and make the most out of your time today. It is our way of honoring you back, since it is you who first honored us by choosing Electra Hotels to host your stay. And for this reason, we aim to make you feel absolutely amazing. Here is how we go about pampering you, the Electra way!

Our exquisite culinary experiences

Rooftop dining with Acropolis views at Electra Hotel Athens

Treat yourselves to an entire world of inspired gastronomy at Electra, sampling the various cuisines across our luxury hotels which aim for culinary authenticness, choice, creativity and overall exquisiteness in taste. Procuring only the finest and freshest of ingredients, the culinary experiences that await gourmands at Electra Hotels are symphonies of flavor that take you around the world. Coupling tantalizing flavors with epic locations, our Athens and Thessaloniki city hotels all have sensational Roof Garden restaurants featuring incredible urbanscape views. Dedicated to giving our guests a bonafide taste of the famous Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, most of our restaurants share this culinary identity but with an inspired creative twist, a paragon of which is Electra Kefalonia. As for diversity of flavor across the group, you will also find Italian, Asian, Street & Comfort food restaurants plus a Cuisines of the World open-kitchen restaurant, the latter of which in Electra Palace Rhodes.

Our city pools with stunning views

Spoil yourselves by experiencing first hand the cosmopolitan ambiance that our refreshing outdoor pools and their stunning views provide. At many of our hotels, you will find that our facilities include some truly wonderful outdoor pools that resemble an oasis of coolness, a highly regarded feature for the centers of Athens and Thessaloniki especially.

The stunning rooftop pool with Acropolis view at Electra Palace Athens

During the day you are invited to take turns soaking up the sun and cooling off, while during the evenings you can enjoy your favorite drink under the moonlight. In both cases, you will get to take in the phenomenal vistas strewn before you. Our rooftop pools come with spectacular views, such as Acropolis view rooftop pools of Electra Metropolis Athens and Electra Palace Athens, and Electra Palace Thessaloniki’s 7th floor pool offers a more secluded setting embraced by captivating urban views.

The Acropolis view rooftop pool at Electra Metropolis Athens
City & sea view rooftop pool at Electra Palace Thessaloniki

Our soothing spa sessions

Indulge yourselves by entering the Electra spas and prepare for a journey of personal wellness that starts from within. Operated by Aegeo Spas, wellness at Electra means giving you the opportunity to experience a range of soothing spa sessions that promote ‘evexia’ (well-being), carried out with nourishing, signature products that contain all the natural abundance of Greece. At our spas, you can surrender to the therapeutic benefits of water by soaking at our pools, jacuzzis and saunas. You can also pamper yourselves with our expertly designed, wellness & spa treatments that aim at relaxing and rejuvenating you, helping you feel more connected to yourselves and to rekindle your inner harmony. If you want head to toe pampering, you can finish off your soothing spa session with a beauty treatment such as a mani or pedicure, which will also boost your mood.

The soothing indoor spa pool at Electra Kefalonia

Our people, always beside you

Feel how fulfilling it is to be absolutely carefree, knowing there is a team of friendly, experienced professionals always at your side to assist you in any way possible. Staying at any one of the Electra Hotels means you are securing attentive yet discreet service, where all our people share a keen willingness to deliver on your requests and tend to your needs, with the goal of you experiencing the smoothest and most memorable stay ever. Whatever it is you think will make you feel more at home, more comfortable or more excited about your time with us, we want to hear about it. So do not hesitate to tell us, as we are always here for you.

Our Electra Rewards perks

Our mentality is to keep you close and keep you delighted. For this reason we have developed our Electra Rewards programme that honors your loyalty by giving you exclusive access to a range of discounts and added values which pamper you even more. All you need to do is join our extended family, and begin feeling pampered even before your next stay with us.

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