Ideas for fun things to do in Athens 

The changing of the guard in Syntagma is one of the unique and fun things to do in Athens. 

Athens is a fun town. Look beyond the beaten path, and you’ll find a nonchalant attitude to life that is one of the reasons why people keep coming back; and once in Athens, it feels like this city is yours. What’s more, it is an exceedingly child-friendly destination too, in case you are traveling with the kids – so, come and discover some of the fun things to do in Athens, and you might just feel like a child again! 

Soaking up central Athens vibes

Staying in the city center means being able to walk around and roam at will. Walking is a great way of soaking up the city vibes, sights and sounds. Hence, choosing one of the best hotels in Athens city center makes sense. 

All three are all child friendly too, with the Electra Hotel Athens being the most central, right on Ermou high street; contemporary art lovers will be thrilled with the modern art adorning the walls of Electra Metropolis Athens while history and architecture aficionados should choose the neoclassical charm of Electra Palace Athens. The latter two also offer outdoor swimming pools, making them perfect holiday havens in the heart of the city. 

The National Gardens & Zappeion 

Reach the Parliament, where you can watch the changing of the guards, just under a 3-minute walk from your luxury accommodation in Athens city center. Next to it, you will find the National Gardens, one of the lesser known but fun things to do in Athens – with the kids, with your partner or even on your own. 

These lush grounds pique both adults’ and childrens’ curiosity, while offering some coolness from the summer heat. Stroll the hidden, wandering pathways filled with flora, statues, meandering streams, as well as a small zoo, with ducks, goats, bunnies and turtle ponds in addition to a playground. Set yourself up with a picnic on the grass and watch the world go by. The National Gardens also sit adjacent to the Zappeion Megaron, which you can visit and walk around its well kept grounds. 

Open-air Cinemas & Athens Festival Performances

Athens boasts a vibrant open-air cinema culture from about late Spring to early Autumn. Scattered across the city center, there are approximately 10 cinemas that provide a unique movie-watching experience under the stars, each offering a charming blend of classic and contemporary films. One of the most fun things to do in Athens, for solo guests, families or couples, these venues often feature comfortable seating, lush greenery, and refreshments. We would advise you to take some mosquito repellent however. 

Another highlight to check out during the same time is the Athens Festival, which includes screenings, live performances, and cultural events, drawing locals and tourists alike. This festival celebrates the artistic spirit of Athens, enriching its lively cultural landscape.

Photo source: News247.gr

Shopping, Attica Zoo & Water Park

Ermou Street is the premier shopping destination in Athens city center, while nearby Voukourestiou Street in Kolonaki boasts haute couture boutiques featuring renowned high-fashion brands. All are easily discoverable and are just a 10-12 minute walk from your chosen Electra hotel. So enjoy a fun day exploring the city’s vibrant shopping scene, with the convenience of returning to your room for rest and recharge whenever needed.

Now let’s point you in the direction of the Attica Zoo for another one of the most fun things to do in Athens – either with the kids or without any, about half an hour from the center. Animal lovers should not miss paying this well-kept zoo a visit, while it is also conveniently next to the Aqua Fun water park, perfect for a full day of animals and water slides. Also nearby, the McArthur-Glen Designer Outlet shopping mall offers many wonderful leisure options with numerous F&B outlets, indoor cinemas, and more amenities. 

These are just a few mentions of the heaps of fun things to do in Athens. It really depends on your definition of ‘fun’. From leisurely, like-a-local activities and cultural experiences, you, your partner and any little ones can have a field day in Athens. Make your stay that much more enjoyable at one of our Electra Hotels in the center of Athens, as well as in Thessaloniki, but also on the islands of Rhodes and Kefalonia. 

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