The Electra guide to Wellness in Athens

Wellness in Athens at the rooftop pool of Electra Metropolis Athens

Rekindling your wellness in Athens comes easy. A stay at any one of the Electra Athens city hotels lets you soak up the vibes of one the most fascinating European capitals as well as immersing you into experiences that have your wellness at their core. Your Athens holiday can effortlessly become one that energizes you before it replenishes you too, so if you have an interest in how Electra Hotels can assist in your quest for wellness in Athens, by all means read on. 

Wellness in Athens with Electra Hotels

Being in highly central locations in Athens city and providing guests with wellness-oriented facilities makes stays here imbued with the greater sense of wellbeing.

1. Gym workouts & Fitness

We highly value your wellness & fitness at Electra Hotels and for this reason you will find a designated, indoor Gym area at two out of three of our Athens based hotels: Electra Metropolis Athens and at the Electra Palace. Those guests who choose the third, Electra Hotel Athens, can of course use the Gym facilities of our aforementioned sister properties that are only a short, scenic walk away from one another. Book your desired slot to improve your strength with weights and resistance training or choose to run or cycle with our cardio equipment, all of which are available for use, upon request and booking in advance to avoid overcrowding which may hinder a great workout session. 

Rooftop pool at Electra Palace Athens with Acropolis landmark views

2. Open-air & Indoor Swimming sessions

Both aforementioned hotels also feature an open-air, rooftop pool in case you prefer to swim rather than do an indoor workout. Swimming is actually one the best types of exercise since it improves endurance, cardiovascular levels and engages muscle strength all at once. It is in fact an all body workout, since you use nearly all your muscles during swimming. And at our open-air pools, weather permitting, you can swim laps till your heart’s content and also bask in some incredible city skyline and landmark views while you are at it! If you are a winter guest, you will be pleased to know that we have an indoor heated pool too plus a hot tub to soak in. 

3. Soothing Spa experiences

We have partnered up with one of the top spa providers, Aegeo Spas, who will take the lead in initiating a state of “evexia” for your body and mind. In fact, our Electra Metropolis Hotel’s Spa was crowned Regional Winner for Southern Europe in the category of Luxury City Spa. Take advantage of our recognised expertise and take the edge off at our premium full-service spa. Experience a wide range of nurturing spa therapies and treatments inspired by our Greek heritage and innovatively incorporate all the natural wealth of Greece. Book your desired slot for a soothing spa experience at either one of our two aforementioned hotels and surrender to a state of serenity that will work wonders on your mood too. And just in case you want your wellness in Athens to be on an even more exclusive note, you can book your in-room spa session too.  

Healthy eats & drinks at Electra Metropolis Hotel with Acropolis view

4. Healthy food choices

You have probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat” and although we don’t like cliches per se, some are true and cannot be stressed enough. Fuelling your body with smart, healthy food choices will shine through in your stamina, your mood and your outlook on life in general. Staying at Electra Hotels you will find that healthy also means delicious with ample options to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the in between. Opt for vitamin boosting fresh fruit and fruit juices or smoothies, detox concoctions and herbal teas as well as quality vegetables turned into sensational salad meals and good sources of protein such as lean meats are all in plethora across our dining outlets

Legendary Panathenaic Stadium in the heart of Athens – Photo credit: Julio Hernandez via Unsplash

5. Marathon runners’ challenge 

In November especially, wellness in Αthens means getting competitive. On Sunday November 13th, the 39th Athens Marathon Race lets trained runners and athletes compete against each other in honour of the first marathon runner who went down in history, a soldier named Pheidippides, who ran 40 kilometers from the battlefield near the town of Marathon, Greece, to Athens in 490 B.C to announce the defeat of the Persians.

In the verdant midst of the National Garden of Athens – Photo credit: Georgios Liakopoulos via Flickr

6. Outdoor runs & wellness activities 

If a full-blown running competition is not something you feel you will enjoy, our hotels’ central location in Athens lets you zip in and out for casual runs around the city any time of day or night. Athens city is an enchantress and casual runs or walks around the historic city center feed your soul in a new found way. There is nothing more disarming and equally motivating than a jog or power-walk around the Acropolis citadel, a route that is perhaps one of the most iconic for soaking up the vibes of our beguiling city. The National Garden provides another sensational route through verdant landscapes while the Panathenaic Stadium is the ultimate race track, and one that is laden with huge historical significance since it has been there since the 6th century B.C. 

Rest assured that whether you are visiting Athens city for pleasure, business or in order to participate in a sporting event, you can secure the best accommodation rates by booking your stay directly via our official website. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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