Four unexpected romantic getaways in Greece

Evening view of the Acropolis from the Acropolis Suite at Electra Metropolis hotel in Athens, for your most romantic getaways in Greece's capital.

When it comes to romantic getaways in Greece, at Electra Hotels, we want you to think outside the box. But let’s take things step by step. When you think about Greece and romance, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s Santorini, we don’t blame you. But here is where you can either go with the flow of popular opinion or choose to not follow the crowds and write your own chapter on romantic getaways in Greece. If you are interested in the latter, then by all means read on. Here are four romantic getaways in Greece you did not expect. 

Romantic getaways in Greece besides Santorini 


A charmer, a seductress, a muse. Athens city is all those things and much more. It is often considered a stop-over destination before arriving to some Greek island, especially during summer. But, take our word for it, that is a huge oversight. Apart from the ancient legacy that lies in plain sight all around the city, Athens has a multifaceted character, one side of which is an ode to romance. Think enchanting evenings and dinners for two under the moonlight on a sensational rooftop, such as that of Metropolis Roof Garden. Nothing beats starlit saunters hand in hand around the illuminated Acropolis rock that truly beguiles the senses. Walks around the historic center of the city will instill a newfound perspective with one picturesque scene succeeding the next, as you traverse the colourful, narrow alleys of Plaka and Anafiotika. Make your way to Lycabettus Hill, a perennially romantic spot for Athenians that gives romantic souls a unique vantage point for looking over the entire city. Want to get away from the urban landscape for a while? That is easily done too – Athens is blessed with a phenomenally long coast so you can make a day out of visiting an Athenian beach and enjoy a majestic sunset over sea with your loved one.     

Couple enjoying breakfast at Metropolis Roofgarden during their Athens based romantic getaways in Greece.
Mornings at Metropolis Roof Garden, at Electra Metropolis in Athens


Greece’s second largest city is a real revelation. In the north, people do things differently. Associated with a slower-paced life than that of the capital, locals of Thessaloniki love to do things in a less hurried manner. Thessaloniki is potentially one of the least expected romantic getaways in Greece, however, once you visit it you will realize that this city has found the true meaning of life. You will learn to take your time and enjoy each and every moment, slowly – after all, what is life but a collage of fleeting moments? Notoriously known throughout Greece for its incredible food, the dining scene will literally sweep you off your feet – and our Orizontes Rooftop Restaurant is no exception. Thessaloniki is in fact another coastal city, but unlike Athens, the seafront is literally 5 minutes walk from the center, in the form of a long promenade that couples will love to saunter up and down. It also features some iconic landmarks along the way, such as the White Tower and the Zongopoulos Umbrellas visual art installation too. And although the city’s coast is not swimmable per se, Thessaloniki gives you the unique opportunity of visiting Chalkidiki, one of the lesser known summer havens brimming with a plethora of astonishing beaches. 

Happy arrivals at Electra Palace Thessaloniki

Kefalonia island

One of the romantic getaways in Greece made for nature lovers, Kefalonia island has gone down in the history of literature for its astonishing beauty in the world-acclaimed war romance “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” by Louis de Bernières. There is something about Kefalonia that enchants your entire being, let alone sharing it with the love of your life. And where better to amplify your love if not on the island whose light “…seems unmediated either by the air or by the stratosphere. It is completely virgin, it produces overwhelming clarity of focus,…and brilliance. It exposes colours.., as though straight from the imagination of God…”. Its beauty is vast, since Kefalonia is one of Greece’s largest islands, so choosing your location well is vital. Perhaps a seafront spot that is tranquil yet close enough to Argostoli. This way you are securing stunning Ionian sea visuals day-in, day-out. What’s more is you can choose to indulge yourselves at our Spa before returning to your private pool suite and revelling in joy of the day’s highlights, in the arms of your other half.   

Couples time at Electra Kefalonia Hotel & Spa

Rhodes island

The Greek island of knights in shining armour calls to couples who have a soft spot for fairytales and fantasy. Rhodes is steeped in legend and a palpable, Medieval charm that truly disarms. Couples considering Rhodes for their romantic getaway in Greece will be swept away by the immense history and culture of the island. Things to do in Rhodes island include both ancient and more recent historical monuments and sights – apart from romantic saunters soaking up the grandeur of the fortified city of Rhodes old town and all its wonders, you can venture out to the south side of the island to visit the local Acropolis of Lindos, for its remarkable ‘wow’ factor at the least. Another option couples love is the site of Kallithea Springs, which also has its own beach and is just 20 minutes from the resort town of Trianta, where our Electra Palace Rhodes is located. By choosing to stay with us, you get an all-inclusive board that lets you and your partner enjoy the full extent of our facilities and services without having to worry about any extra charges.  

Moments by the pool at Electra Palace Rhodes

These four unexpected romantic getaways in Greece conclude our off-the-beaten-track romantic escapes besides Santorini that are sure to sweep you and your loved one off your feet. Which destination calls to you the most? 

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