Six of the Best Kefalonia Beaches

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Welcome to a Mediterranean paradise! Where the beaches are epic and the sun is plenty. Greece has over 200 inhabited islands, and while every one differs, they all share one vital element; the beaches. And in a land that counts a colossal coastline, Kefalonia island shines among the top entries for its obscenely beautiful beaches that are as if they were created with AI. Chances are you’ve seen them as you scroll on your social media, and here we have compiled the six most striking. If you’re lucky to visit this little corner of heaven, you’ll also want to stay somewhere similarly heavenly where you can soak up the vistas from your sea view luxury accommodation in Kefalonia as you embark on a tour of the best beaches in Kefalonia. 

Myrtos Beach

And if we are being fair, Myrtos rightfully deserves the top spot. Voted 12 times the best beach in Greece, this sand and fine white pebble beach is simply sublime. It sits on a bay surrounded by enormous white vertical cliffs that are carpeted in a green canopy of pine and fir, stretching back for miles. And then there’s the small matter of the striking waters. Emerald green, crystal clear and great for snorkelling, it is a big reason why Myrtos is regularly featured in top 10 lists. It is fairly long, and even though it’s shielded from the wind, paragliders are a common sight. Keep in mind that it is not organised, so you should consider bringing a sun-parasol and refreshments if you want to stick around and not just view it from the top. Myrtos is the best of the best beaches in Kefalonia, so enjoy it to the fullest! 

Ammes Beach

Ammes beach has a distinctly Cycladic feel, as it features scant vegetation and plenty of rock. But that’s not to say you won’t find some natural shade amongst the lovely jacarandas lining the shore or under the sun parasols provided. This is one of the best Kefalonia beaches for families with a gentle slope into the shallow, clear waters and soft golden sand, ideal for building sandcastles and endless hours of fun and games. It is a semi-organised beach, so you don’t have to bring all your gear – it has all the amenities for a super comfortable day in the sun. You’ll find this beauty near the village of Svoronata, some 10 km south of the island’s capital, Argostoli. If you’re staying with us at Electra Kefalonia Hotel & Spa, you’ll be glad to know that this family-friendly beach is our seafront, while one of its lesser-known trump cards is its proximity to the airport that makes it ideal for plane spotting. 

Fteri Beach

You won’t find a more peculiarly shaped beach than Fteri on this side of the Mediterranean. The combination of elements here is like the golden ratio, as flawless as the fluted columns of the Parthenon. In authentic Kefalonian manner, the emerald green waters are perfectly juxtaposed to the dramatic white limestone cliffs, covered in green. However, the real allure lies in its perforated middle, where a natural cavity has formed underneath the white limestone wedge separating the two sides of the beach. Accessible only by boat, this, as well as Platia Ammos beach, are two of the best Kefalonia beaches to discover by sea.  

Xi Beach

One of the best beaches in Kefalonia in the most colourful category is undoubtedly Xi. The predominant colours are yellow-orange, thanks to the argyle in the sand, with white cliffs to the back and the green blue waters of the Ionian on the other side. While similar to Santorini’s Red Beach, it has far better waters and the added bonus of having a natural exfoliating spa. Xi is great for families towing kids, as the waters are shallow, eliminating any need for constant vigilance. There are also plenty of amenities to keep you busy, including a beach bar, restaurant, sun parasols and loungers, as well as water sports opportunities. 

Antisamos Beach

Antisamos will definitely win your heart at first sight. Having featured in the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” along with a few others, Myrtos included, Antisamos it is a real jewel among green hills. It boasts pristine pebbly shores with transparent, azure waters – a haven for swimming snorkelling enthusiasts. It also offers beachgoers some facilities like sun loungers and parasols and a beach bar for some snacks and refreshments. It generally becomes busy as the day progresses, so arrive early if you want to secure a shaded spot. Access is by a panoramic road offering breathtaking views over the Ionian expanse.

Dafnoudi Beach

If you’re looking for tranquil and secluded, look no further than Dafnoudi. Getting to it requires going through a delightful cypress tree forest that leads straight to the shore, and while the trek is not insignificant, the reward is phenomenal. This pebble beach is small but dainty, with bright green blue waters that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean. There are also several rocky outcrops on either side of the horseshoe-shaped bay where you can jump from, while if you’re up for some exploration, you’ll find many sea caves piquing your interest. Note that no amenities of any kind are available, which further adds to its allure. 

Whether you’re after some peace and quiet, or want to sit comfortably all day long, this gem of an island obliges and beguiles. Some of the best beaches in Kefalonia are included here, so if you’re in the mood for some Ionian enchantment, make sure you use this list as your compass. We invite you to follow your curiosity and mood to explore, discover, admire and enjoy. And as always, we thank you for choosing Electra Hotels for your stay. 

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