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Benefits of choosing family friendly resorts in Greece

Kids havig the tie of their lives in the pool of our family friendly resorts in Greece at our Electra Palace Rhodes

When families travel, they tend to have certain requirements during their holidays that other guests may not take into consideration. Comfort, convenience, suitability and proximity of facilities and services are often key factors when deciding on where to stay. If your family is considering Greece as its destination, first of all, that is a fantastic choice – you are in for a real summer treat, and secondly, have you shortlisted any island destinations and looked at the most suitable family friendly resorts in Greece for your stay? If not, then allow us to pitch you two incredibly appealing options for your upcoming family holidays. At the islands of Rhodes and Kefalonia, Electra Hotels have created two luxurious family friendly resorts in Greece that are the ultimate summer havens for family holidays full of joy for all.

family friendly resorts in Greece

Family friendly resorts in Greece

Rhodes island

If yours is a family that would love the fairytale element of visiting a place that used to be inhabited by knights in shining armour, then Rhodes is the place for you. 

eating together in a family friendly resort in rhodes

Staying at Electra Palace Rhodes gives your family the best of both worlds. Located a few steps from the sea in the area of Trianta, it is also just a 15 minute drive from the iconic old Rhodes Town, with its medieval charm and centuries worth of history bouncing off its fortified walls. This is the perfect setup for families who want to soak up all the goodness of the Greek sunshine, in a tranquil spot without compromising on being in a remote location that has difficult accessibility or offers just the advantage of seclusion. Apart from the great location, at this family friendly resort in Greece, your family can enjoy all the benefits of an all-inclusive holiday, indulging in the entire spectrum of our gastronomy outlets without worrying about any extra charges. Since children tend to eat more frequently than parents, families tend to feel more carefree within this boarding type – they can pick and choose where and when they want to eat, without having to think about logistics. The only extra charge is our upon-request, childcare services at our infant Crèche for children between the ages of 4 months to 4 years. 


Kefalonia island

If yours is a family that loves being swept away by indescribable natural beauty that would appear as if touched by the divine, then Kefalonia is the obvious choice. 

Staying at Electra Kefalonia Hotel & Spa, you’ll be greeted by a gorgeous seafront each and every morning. Situated 100m from Ammes beach, the Ionian hues will provide the most  disarming backdrop for your family holiday. Just a few minutes drive from the main island town, Argostoli, and the airport, this family friendly resort in Greece is well connected for going on exciting excursions to discover the endemic natural beauty that Kefalonia is blessed with. Close to the fully organised beaches of Makris & Platis Gialos, known for their sandy and shallow waters and waters sports facilities, they are ideal for a family beach visit. You can also take your pick from the array of world-class beaches, such as Myrtos and Pessada, plus a few natural marvels that inquisitive kids will love – the astonishing lake cave of Melissani and the impressive Drogarati cave. On site, the resort has a wonderful dining venue doused in phenomenal sea views (and a bonus for little ones especially – plane spotting from your table!) as well as providing parents with much deserved, adults-only time at the resort Spa while kids are pleasantly occupied by our childcare services, upon request. 

Which one of our Electra family friendly resorts in Greece calls to you most? We hope to see you soon for an epic family holiday that you will remember for years to come.    

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