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Cobbled streets and neoclassical mansions, ancient sites and humble houses hidden behind fragrant jasmine bushes and vibrant bougainvilleas: the Plaka neighborhood in Athens is a destination in its own right. 

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The oldest part of Athens hosts artisan shops, small taverns with delicious local food, amazing museums hidden behind unassuming buildings and more history, culture and architecture than anyone could take in in one go.

A few turns of the road from the modern city center, all of Athens’ history can be found here: its first school and its first university, 11th century byzantine churches and 18th century mosques, golden age monuments and the Roman Agora and the amazing Anafiotika, the tiny Cycladic-style bright white neighborhood perched on the Acropolis to the east of Plaka. Shopping is a must here, whether for souvenirs, fine jewelry or artisanal mementos – and so is lunch or dinner. Also, do keep an eye for street events and parties: they are known to happen from time to time and are always delightful!

About The Location

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