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In this unprecedented situation, the Electra Hotels & Resorts Group, continuing and strengthening the offer to the society, contributed to the great work of the doctors and the nursing staff by donating 5 new intensive care ventilators to the Ministry of Health. (March 2020) 

Donation of linen and mattresses to the NGO Love & Serve without Boundaries. (February 2020)

Compliance with government guidelines for hotel closures and immediate inclusion of employees in government financial support programs. (March 2020)

Discussions with the staff for the mental shield during the quarantine period under the guidance of a Clinical Psychologist member of the HR team. (March 2020)

Daily contact of the Head Office executives throughout the quarantine in order to maintain the sense of belonging to the Electra family but also the promptitude of next day’s decision. Uninterrupted digital communication remotely from the first day of quarantine. (March 2020 – ongoing).

Electra family stays at home and hits the creativity button, by sharing on social media fitness tips, cooking recipes, cleaning tips, environmental friendly tips and more by content produced under the cooperation of different hotel team members and under the concept “Electra from Home”. (April 2020)

Electra Hotels & Resorts Group has been participating steadily in recent years in Earth Hour with a simple but important move: turning off the lights in all the hotels for an hour by participating in the global action for the protection of the environment. (March 2020)

Discussions with strategic peers in the industry for mental shield and empowerment of positiveness during the quarantine period under the guidance of a Clinical Psychologist member of the Human Resources team. (April 2020)

Provision of feeding orders to all staff for the celebration of Easter, worth € 200. (April 2020)

Donation of linen, blankets and pillowcases to the National Center of Emergency Assistance. (April 2020)

Assignment – to a highly certified supplier – of the drafting of a Protocol for Health and Safety against Covid-19 per operating department of each hotel. All staff were trained and certified for the optimal and safe operation of hotels ensuring compliance with all protocols. Upon the reopening of the hotels, all employees received a “Welcome Safety Kit” for their safe presence at workspace. Indicatively, the employees in the departments received masks of different colors for the obvious and framed observance of the protection measures of both themselves and the visitors. (May 2020)

Relevant signage was digitally posted in all areas of the hotels under the logo of “Stronger Together” for the protection of both visitors and employees. (May 2020)

SGS Disinfection Monitored Mark. Verification of Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols, Procedures and Confirmatory ATP Sampling and Analysis at Electra Palace Thessaloniki.(January 2021)

Electra Palace Thessaloniki certified with ISO 22000. (January 2021)

In collaboration with the National Blood Donation System, the Group of Electra Hotels & Resorts organizes voluntary blood donation of employees at least twice a year since 2017. In 2020, due to the circumstances, it was organized once in June 2020. (June 2020)

Free Covid Test for employees returning at workspace from summer vacations (August 2020– September 2020)

Giving great importance to Breast Cancer Prevention, the Electra Hotels & Resorts Group, organized for the second-year actions related to prevention. The Group supported the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” in Athens and Thessaloniki, by establishing a “Pink Weekend” campaign and offering 1 € for each Pink Cocktail & Pink Tea Time curated by the hotel teams. At the same time, giving emphasis to the synergies, the Group cooperated with a partner in order to offer “pink” treats to guests. The cost of the treats was donated to “Alma Zois”. The “Pink Weekend” was also supported by the radio station Pepper 96.6 fm that offered to guests lounge rhythms in the Rooftop of Electra Metropolis under the Acropolis rock, while the pool turned into pink. DJ set and pink color in the pool accompanied also the “Pink Weekend” in the renovated Electra Palace Thessaloniki. For second year, during October hotels’ employees wore the pink ribbon as in 2019 they were informed by excellent scientists at a relevant conference on Breast Cancer Prevention, while they received a day off for the respective examination at a preferential price.

In this context, the Group, following the previous years, supported the first online informative campaign of “Sail for Pink” organized by Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”  and the branch of Thessaloniki, by offering the venue at Electra Palace Thessaloniki. The previous years the Group emphasized its presence with similar offers to the Association as well as with the active participation of the employees in events, such as marathons. (October 2020)

For the third consecutive year, Electra Hotels & Resorts Group supports the effort of “Hope Genesis” by hosting in its hotels in Athens, for as many nights as needed, a total of 11 women with their helpmates from acritic areas of Greece for either pregnancy exams or childbirth. (November 2020)

Hospitality of volunteer nurses at Electra Palace Thessaloniki with 121 nights (November 2020 – December 2020).

Electra Hotels & Resorts Group supports organizations and charities, consistently over the years, that aim to alleviate human hardship and improve social structures:

“The Smile of the Child”

Accommodation of 5 families with health issues – 2 families in 2020 (August and October 2020)

“Together we can”

Linen donation (October 2020)

“Make a Wish”

Purchase of festive charms for hotel guests (December 2020)


Following the cooperation and support through the participation of employees in marathons and the sending of linen in the previous years, in 2020 Electra Hotels & Resorts support the female orphanage – with the voluntary contribution of the employees – Christmas boxes with sweets and gifts. (December 2020)


With the voluntary contribution of the employees, Christmas boxes with sweets and gifts were sent by the employees. (December 2020)

“Ark of the World”

Following last year’s contribution to the effort of the Ark of the World, when the Group organized and offered two festive meals entertaining children aged 2-16 at the Concert Hall and Library Bistro of Electra Metropolis with the voluntary contribution of employees – in 2020 Electra Hotels & Resorts offered again -with the voluntary contribution of the employees- to the children living in the houses of Anixi, Piraeus and Keramikos (total 40) sweets and toys with the help of the chefs. (December 2020)


Collection of goods, toys and books by hotel employees for the NGO Support. Offer of educational games for the 2nd special school ELEPAP. Offer of royal pies and wines to 40 large families under the suggestion of the Municipality of Athens through the NGO Support. The action of 2020 followed the provision of a room in Support for the festive bazaar of 2019, the income of which was given to these families.

The Electra Hotels & Resorts Group emphasizes the lifelong professional development of all employees through training programs, indicatively in 2019, 71 programs were implemented while in 2020, despite the difficult conditions resulting from the health crisis, the number of programs reached the 63. (January 2020 – December 2020)

Sending Christmas baskets to all staff. The delicacies are given every year to all the employees. (December 2020)

 The Group renewed the provision of GROUP INSURANCE with the company AXA for 2021, absorbing the cost of using the contract which this year exceeded its initial cost. (December 2020)

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